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Commission Information

I am always looking to take on commission work, and have a few different varieties available.  

Commission Guidelines

My basic commission guidelines are universal regardless of type. I have the right to decline projects that do not meet these guidelines or force me to create new guidelines. I do not draw sex acts, erotic/fetish art (including "SFW" fetishes), true crime figures, or bigoted imagery. If you have questions about a project or are interested in booking, please use the contact form below or reach out on social media.

Commission Varieties

Flat Rate

Flat rate commissions are 50 USD single subject digital illustrations. These feature a simple color or gradient background. Revisions are extremely limited. Popular subjects include original character art and pet portraits. See the "flat rate" section of my commissions gallery for examples.

Hourly Rate

Hourly rate commissions are traditional or digital work, at 20 dollars an hour, from portraits with full backgrounds, detailed character art, fully rendered traditional illustrations, paintings, cover illustrations, or other illustration projects. This type of project offers a lot of revisions and consistent updates throughout the process. See my commissions gallery for examples of this type of work. A 20 dollar deposit is required before drawing begins.

Tattoo Design

Tattoo design begins at 75 USD. this is a highly communicative process with room for a lot of revisions. Final costs are determined based on the complexity of the project and revisions requried.

Digital Assets

Twitch and discord emotes, social media headers and graphics, logos, user icons and other branding for digital spaces. Static emotes are 25 USD each. See my emotes gallery for examples.

Get in Touch

looking to inquire about custom artwork? feel free to use this contact form or message me on the social media platform of your choosing.

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Thanks for reaching out!

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